Do I need to book a pre wedding day makeup application?

I like doing a trial run with all of my brides! I love making sure I can get to know your personal style and bring that into your Makeup look. We can go through your inspiration images, discuss details of your wedding day, such as: your dress, colors, flowers etc. and decide on a look that we both feel is fitting. Once I’ve completed your application, I will record all of the details and snap an image of the final product to have on hand for the wedding day. This will ensure that once you get to my chair on your wedding day, you can relax and know exactly what you’re getting. 

Do I Need more than one trial?

No, not at all. Even if there are a couple things you’d like to change after our initial meeting, I can just make note of it on your chart. The only time an additional trial might be recommended would be if you decided on a completely different look from what we had already done.

How far in advance should I book a trial?
I consider 3 months prior to the wedding date to be the “Sweet Spot”. Its not so far in advance that you forget what it looks like or what we discussed, but its not so close to the wedding day that it feels rushed. Doing it closer to 2 or 3 months in advance should give you confidence that you know exactly what you like and wont be changing your mind. 

How do I communicate the look I want for my wedding day?

Every time you come across a makeup look you like, Pin It, Snap a screenshot or tear it out of a magazine. Even if you don’t like a look in its entirety but you like one aspect of it, such as the lips or the eyes, just save it! Compile a few of these. I like flipping through all the ideas you have and being able to pull inspiration from each of them to create something that will suit your face and highlight your best features.

What type of Makeup do you use?

99% of my items are MAC Cosmetics. Through 10 years of experience MAC has proven to be the longest lasting and highest quality for color payoff. They are a cruelty free company as well as hypoallergenic.

What should I wear?
Come in a neutral, solid top or tee. You don’t want colors that will clash or throw off the coloring of the makeup.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Because I’m booked on the date of receiving a signed contract, I always recommend my clients to sign on the date of their trial. This is a way for you to ensure someone else won’t book me on your wedding date. It’s always good to have something in writing between us, that confirms date, time of service and rates.

What if I’m in another state or  having a destination Wedding?
If budget allows, then consider bringing me with you! Traveling to the destination is optional, provided that travel expenses are covered. We would set up the trial prior to your trip.  Another option is for us to have a private makeup lesson before your destination wedding. This would be a detailed lesson with step by step directions that you can recreate or give to an artist on site. If you’re out of state and are hiring me to travel to you, we can set up your trial at your earliest convenience once I’ve arrived.


Should I do Makeup or hair first?
Makeup should be the very last thing you do prior to putting on your dress and starting photos.  Fresh Makeup is the best makeup. 

Should I do my makeup first or last?

It’s best to do your makeup last so it’s the freshest before photos.

How many appointments can you take on the wedding day?

I typically take between 5-10 people total for a bridal party. All bridal party appointments will be discussed and booked at the time of the trial session. If more than 10 appointments are needed, I have the option of bringing an assistant for an additional cost.

Can you stay through the wedding for touchups?
Absolutely! Many of my clients prefer to have me stay through the ceremony for touchups prior to the reception. I have some brides who even prefer to slightly change their look from the ceremony to the reception. I use all the products necessary to keep your makeup lasting all night. Touch ups are most frequently powder and lips, eye touch ups for those who may shed a few tears during the ceremony and toasts at the reception, and brides who wish to do a second look.

Do you accept tips?

Gratuity is not expected but is greatly appreciated!